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Kickstart your week stress-free with Great American Cleaners’ professional dry cleaning services – your solution to the chaos of busy weeks. Our dry cleaning pickup and delivery service offers a lifeline of convenience to anyone who can’t squeeze in a visit to their local dry cleaning stores. Whether it’s because you have a busy work schedule, a never-ending list of errands, or you’re managing a big household, you can trust our team to have your clothes impeccably cleaned and ready when you need them.

We would love for you to try our other services too, such as clothing repair & alterations and home goods care & restoration services. Please contact us today to place your dry cleaning and laundry pickup orders!

We Proudly Offer These Dry Cleaning Services

Dry & Wet Cleaning

Certain stains, such as oil-based or greasy stains, respond better to dry cleaning solvents, while water-based stains are more effectively removed through wet cleaning. By utilizing both methods, our expert dry cleaners can tackle a variety of stains with precision and efficiency and can clean a wider range of fabrics and garment types. You will receive your freshly cleaned garments on hangers to help maintain their shape and prevent wrinkles.

Shirt Laundering

Experience the crisp, fresh feeling of professionally laundered shirts with our shirt laundering service. We pay special attention to collar stains and cuff marks, ensuring your shirts come out looking crisp and fresh every time. We’ll take care of the entire cleaning process for your shirts – simply drop them off, and our staff will have them cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear when you need them.

Wash & Fold Service

For those who prefer a convenient laundry experience, our wash and fold laundry service in Berkeley is the perfect solution. Simply drop off your dirty clothes, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our efficient and thorough process ensures that your laundry is returned to you clean, neatly folded, and ready to wear. Let us take the chore out of laundry day with our wash & fold service.

Expert Alterations & Repairs

Need a hem adjusted or a button replaced? Our skilled seamstresses provide expert clothing alterations & repairs to ensure that your garments fit perfectly and look their best. From minor adjustments to major repairs, we’ll have your clothes looking as good as new in no time.
Bridal & Vintage Items Cleaning
This is among our specialized cleaning services specifically tailored for preserving and cleaning delicate wedding dresses, heirloom garments, and vintage pieces. These garments often hold sentimental value and may feature intricate details, and delicate fabrics, or be susceptible to damage if not handled with care. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can rest assured that your precious garments are in good hands.

Leather & Fur Cleaning

If you have garments made from leather or fur materials, entrust them to our cleaning specialists at Great American Cleaners. We use specialized techniques and products to gently yet effectively remove stains, dirt, and odors from these delicate materials, restoring them to their original luster. Trust our dedicated team to keep your leather jackets, fur coats, and accessories looking luxurious and well-maintained.

Household Care & Restoration Services

Area Rug Cleaning. We employ advanced techniques to lift dirt and stains from deep within the fibers, restoring vibrancy and extending the life of your rugs.
Bedspreads & Comforters. Using green cleaning techniques, we remove dirt, dust, and allergens without using harmful chemicals like Perc, leaving your bedspreads and comforters feeling soft and rejuvenated.
Area Rug Cleaning. Area rugs are an investment that deserves proper care and maintenance to prolong their lifespan and beauty. Our area rug cleaning service follows a gentle yet effective cleaning process that removes dirt, stains, and odors, leaving your rugs looking fresh and revitalized.
Drapes & Curtains. We carefully clean and press your window treatments to remove dust, stains, and odors, restoring them to their original beauty and enhancing the overall look and feel of your home.
Fine Linen & Table Cloths. We carefully clean and press your linens to perfection, ensuring they look immaculate for your next dinner party or special occasion.
Pillow Renovation. We clean and sanitize your pillows, replacing old fillings and restoring loftiness for optimal comfort and support.
Soft Toys Cleaning. Keep your children’s favorite soft toys clean and hygienic with our specialized cleaning treatments. We gently remove dirt and bacteria, ensuring your little ones can cuddle their toys safely.
Handbags & Purse Cleaning. We gently clean and condition your bags to remove dirt, stains, and scuffs, ensuring they remain pristine and stylish accessories for any occasion.
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Let us take the stress out of laundry day and provide you with the exceptional service you deserve. Super friendly team, great service, eco-friendly cleaning, and prompt pickups & deliveries are all guaranteed here at Great American Cleaners.

If you have more questions about our services, feel free to call us any time of your convenience!

Enjoy the Convenience of Our Pickup & Delivery Service

Experience the ultimate convenience with our Berkeley dry cleaning delivery service. We also service other parts of the Bay area. Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule: Once your account is set up, we’ll work with you to establish a personalized pickup and delivery schedule that fits your needs. You’ll receive a welcome kit with all the information you need to get started.
  2. Free Pickup: On your scheduled pickup day, a friendly Great American driver will arrive at your doorstep to collect your items. Using our computerized tracking system, we’ll log each garment to ensure accurate and efficient processing.
  3. Enjoy: Sit back and relax while we take care of the rest. On the next designated delivery day, our driver will return your freshly cleaned items right to your home or office. We’ll even place them in the agreed-upon location for added convenience.

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Great American Cleaners will clean your order & return it to you in as little as 24 hours.

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Great American Cleaners has the highest Google ratings of any dry cleaner in El Cerrito and the surrounding areas.


We'll meet you at your home, office, or our retail store. We meet you on your schedule.

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We hire the best textile experts, so you'll know you're always getting the best clean.

Ruvic Ann D. Ng
Ruvic Ann D. Ng
Best laundry service for pick up and delivery service! Highly recommended
Megan Gardner
Megan Gardner
I've been a customer of Great American Dry Cleaners for several years now and they stand out not only for their exceptional dry cleaning services but also for their outstanding customer service. When I had an issue with one of my orders, they were easy to reach and committed to fixing what happened. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is excellent. Their pick-up service is highly convenient, and the clothing is always perfectly washed and pressed. American Dry Cleaners is a top choice for quality dry cleaning.
Maya Placido
Maya Placido
Great little dry cleaner in El Cerrito. Gets the job done and goes above and beyond to help when possible. I dropped off some things and the estimated time of completion was a few days later than I needed but they managed to get it to me in time! While this is not necessarily guaranteed, I really appreciated the extra help. They also run good specials!
Alma Andrade
Alma Andrade
Great service and quick turnaround.
William Bishop
William Bishop
Great service, detect spots that I forget to point out, and they always put the clean shirts in the same place! Drivers are very friendly too!
Tess Brigham
Tess Brigham
Great service. I always go to Great American to get my pants hemmed and they always do a great job. Very friendly staff.
Michael Changaris
Michael Changaris
Great American Dry Cleaners offers an exceptional service that has consistently provided excellent care for my clothing. Their delivery service has proven to be invaluable, especially as a busy professional. The family operating the cleaners are dedicated individuals who deeply care about their community. They have made their dry cleaning services available to those who are economically struggling and in search of employment, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact. Moreover, Great American Dry Cleaners has significantly reduced my stress levels and simplified my work life. Their reliable and timely service ensures that my professional attire is always in pristine condition, ready for any important meeting or business event. This convenience allows me to focus more on my work and less on the logistics of clothing maintenance, making my daily routine smoother and more efficient. Their attention to detail and exceptional customer care have truly made a noticeable difference in my day-to-day life.
Jill Dodd
Jill Dodd
I have used Great America Dry Cleaners for literally decades. They are reliable and do a great job cleaning all sorts of items. Highly recommended!
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