Wash & Fold Laundry Service

Premium Wash and Fold Laundry Service

Laundry is a chore that never ends. From the endless sorting to the back-breaking bending over washing machines, it’s no wonder why so many people — even you — view laundry as a dreaded task rather than a simple household chore.

Just think about how awesome it would’ve been to have someone pick up your laundry bag from your doorstep and have those dirty clothes returned to you freshly laundered and neatly folded. You can enjoy precisely that level of convenience with our wash & fold service at Great American Dry Cleaners & Alterations.

This convenient service is available in El Cerrito, CA, and the areas nearby. You may also drop by our store at 215 El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito, CA if you want more personalized assistance.

Our Wash & Fold Service vs. Your Local Laundromat

The choice between using our wash & fold service at Great American Dry Cleaners & Alterations and visiting your local laundromat is not just about cleanliness – it’s also about quality, convenience, and care.

Quality and Care

When comparing our wash & fold service to your local laundromat, one of the key differences lies in the quality and care provided to your garments. Here’s why our service stands out:
• Unlike laundromats, where your clothes may be mixed with those of other customers, our wash & fold service ensures that your garments receive personalized treatment from start to finish.
• Our laundry professionals are trained to handle various types of fabrics and garments, from delicate silks to heavy-duty linens. Whether it’s pre-treating stains or selecting the appropriate wash cycle, you can trust that your clothes are in capable hands.
• We have rigorous quality control measures in place to ensure that your clothes come back to you looking and feeling fresh, clean, and neatly folded – every time!

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

Transparency is key when it comes to pricing, and our wash & fold service is upfront about what you’ll pay:
• Unlike some laundromats that may charge extra for detergent, folding, or other services, our pricing is straightforward and all-inclusive. What you see is what you get, with no surprises on your bill.
• Whether you have a small load of laundry or a large family-sized batch, we offer customizable packages to suit your needs and budget. From individual items to bulk orders, we’ve got you covered.

Convenience Is At Your Fingertips

When it comes to convenience, our wash & fold service outshines your local laundromat in several ways:
• Say goodbye to the hassle of lugging heavy laundry bags to the laundromat. With our convenient pickup and delivery service, we’ll come to your doorstep to collect your laundry and return it to you once it’s been expertly cleaned and folded.
• With our wash & fold service, you can reclaim precious hours that would otherwise be spent at the laundromat. Instead of waiting for machines to become available and monitoring your laundry, you can focus on more important tasks or simply relax and enjoy your free time.

How To Use Our Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service

  1. Scheduling Your Pickup
    • Choose your preferred method of scheduling a pickup. You can easily call our dedicated hotline or utilize our user-friendly online booking platform available on our website.
    • During the booking process, provide us with essential details such as the quantity of laundry, special instructions, and any specific preferences you may have.
  2.  Item Pickup and Tagging
    • Our team will arrive on the pickup date at your specified location to collect your laundry items. Rest assured, our team members handle each item with the utmost care and attention.
    • As we collect your items, we meticulously tag them for identification purposes, ensuring that each piece receives the appropriate treatment and care throughout the cleaning process.
  3. Professional Cleaning At Our Facility
    • We then transport your items to our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility. Here, our expert cleaners use environmentally friendly solvents and detergents to ensure optimal cleanliness and preservation of your garments.
    • Our experienced cleaners meticulously inspect and treat each item to address any stains or special cleaning requirements.
  4. Delivery of Your Cleaned Items
    • Whether you’ve opted for our wash and fold service, dry cleaning, or other specialized cleaning services, we guarantee timely delivery of your freshly cleaned items.
    • Your items will be delivered back to your specified location, ready for immediate use or storage.

We Offer Residential & Commercial Laundry Services

Residential Laundry Services

Our residential laundry services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families. This service is perfect for busy professionals, those who manage big household chores, or someone who simply prefers to delegate the task. We’ll get your laundry done in no time!

Commercial Services

In addition to serving residential clients, we extend our expertise to various businesses and establishments. From hotels and restaurants to fitness centers and corporate offices, our commercial laundry services are designed to streamline operations and uphold standards of cleanliness and professionalism.

A woman is drying a sweater on a hanger.

Get Fresh Laundry At Your Doorstep – Try Our Delivery Service Today!

With our reliable laundry delivery service, you can enjoy clean clothes without lifting a finger. Plus, with our quick turnaround times and flexible scheduling options, you’ll never have to worry about running out of clean clothes again. Call our team today or visit our website to learn more about our other services!

Our Laundry Club Plans
With our laundry club, you can receive a great savings on our Wash & Fold Service. At Great American, we know all about laundry; particularly about how much time it takes. We’ve heard from our customers about how busy parents and professionals are finding themselves doing more laundry than ever before. We can help!

Comforters and blankets are not part of the wash & fold plan as they need to be processed separately

Our Promise to You



Great American Cleaners will clean your order & return it to you in as little as 24 hours.

Top Rated

Great American Cleaners has the highest Google ratings of any dry cleaner in El Cerrito and the surrounding areas.


We'll meet you at your home, office, or our retail store. We meet you on your schedule.

High Quality

We hire the best textile experts, so you'll know you're always getting the best clean.

Ruvic Ann D. Ng
Ruvic Ann D. Ng
Best laundry service for pick up and delivery service! Highly recommended
Megan Gardner
Megan Gardner
I've been a customer of Great American Dry Cleaners for several years now and they stand out not only for their exceptional dry cleaning services but also for their outstanding customer service. When I had an issue with one of my orders, they were easy to reach and committed to fixing what happened. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is excellent. Their pick-up service is highly convenient, and the clothing is always perfectly washed and pressed. American Dry Cleaners is a top choice for quality dry cleaning.
Maya Placido
Maya Placido
Great little dry cleaner in El Cerrito. Gets the job done and goes above and beyond to help when possible. I dropped off some things and the estimated time of completion was a few days later than I needed but they managed to get it to me in time! While this is not necessarily guaranteed, I really appreciated the extra help. They also run good specials!
Alma Andrade
Alma Andrade
Great service and quick turnaround.
William Bishop
William Bishop
Great service, detect spots that I forget to point out, and they always put the clean shirts in the same place! Drivers are very friendly too!
Tess Brigham
Tess Brigham
Great service. I always go to Great American to get my pants hemmed and they always do a great job. Very friendly staff.
Michael Changaris
Michael Changaris
Great American Dry Cleaners offers an exceptional service that has consistently provided excellent care for my clothing. Their delivery service has proven to be invaluable, especially as a busy professional. The family operating the cleaners are dedicated individuals who deeply care about their community. They have made their dry cleaning services available to those who are economically struggling and in search of employment, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact. Moreover, Great American Dry Cleaners has significantly reduced my stress levels and simplified my work life. Their reliable and timely service ensures that my professional attire is always in pristine condition, ready for any important meeting or business event. This convenience allows me to focus more on my work and less on the logistics of clothing maintenance, making my daily routine smoother and more efficient. Their attention to detail and exceptional customer care have truly made a noticeable difference in my day-to-day life.
Jill Dodd
Jill Dodd
I have used Great America Dry Cleaners for literally decades. They are reliable and do a great job cleaning all sorts of items. Highly recommended!


What if I need alterations along with my laundry service?

Our expert tailors are here to help. Simply let us know your alteration needs, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What items can I include in the wash and fold service?

Our wash and fold service typically covers a wide range of items including clothing (such as shirts, pants, and dresses), bedding (like sheets and pillowcases), towels, and household linens. If you have specific items you’re unsure about, feel free to ask!

Do I need to sort my laundry before dropping it off for wash and fold service?

No sorting necessary! One of the great things about wash and fold service is that you can simply bring in your laundry as-is, and our team will take care of the rest. We’ll separate lights from darks and handle all the sorting for you.

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